Thursday, October 27, 2011

i know this is way PREMATURE

But I'm already kinda getting into the Christmas spirit....

It's like we had Lee's party, are back from Ireland, Halloween will be done & over with in a day or two - so I'm just ready.

While I love to decorate my home, I especially get thrilled with gift wrapping ideas & package design. Here is some of my inspiration thus far...stop reading unless you are prepared to get all Christmasy like me....If you are up for it, grab a gingerbread man cookie and lets lust over this packaging!
this lovely ladybug idea is so fun & playful - courtesy of

and sometimes I like to pretend I own my own bakery and all I want to do is wrap up baked goods in polka-dot boxes and tie with a string....

and then the idea of Kraft paper, tulle & a sweet ornament make me melt.

The packaging is one thing but what I really must decide is what my 'handmade' gift to the women in my life shall be....chocolate? delicate baked goods? handmade cards? I guess you will have to wait and see!

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Charlene Ann said...

I HEART this Jessica!!! Great ideas. I'm a sucker for packaging!