Friday, October 26, 2012

taking notice

Oh man I hope you find each post special as they seem to be more few and far between - a true tale of adding a 3rd child....

Been so consumed lately with my youngest two.  My sweet Simon is distractingly cute.  I could lie him down and dust furniture but sometimes I don't.  I lie next to him and kiss his neck, tickle his toes and just enjoy this last baby being a 5 month old....worth it.

I am also consumed with the ups and downs of my wild nearly 3 yr minute we are intensely snuggling and the next, I'm trying to help him learn not to whine and 'talk like a big boy' and honestly, he is just my intense one at the moment.  All 3 boys will share a turn being the intense one.  Lucky it seems to be just one at a time.

Last night, I took notice of the 7yr old growing up before me.  He went on and on about sharks, their habitats, and how they hunt their prey.  I learned from Jude all about lightning amongst other elements....and he taught me all about nouns, adjectives and verbs.  His mind is learning at remarkable speed and I'm so thankful that he enjoys it all.

I sat down with him to do homework last night - took notice of his handwriting (something that was atrocious last year and early part of this school year) and said, 'JUDE! Your handwriting is wonderful!"

His eyes lit up - I noticed.  I took a minute to see he had placed effort in an area he was weak in.  Gosh, I'm so thankful I did.  As I watched him finish his math homework, I stared at him.  I noticed his beautiful little face and ridiculous eye lashes....his hands that were looking stronger and more manly and even how he purses his lips when he's concentrating.  My eldest child inspired me last try harder, to work on things that I'm not great at and just to enjoy the process like a child.

So grateful God gave us Jude.  I told him that and his response was, "Mommy I'm glad God gave me our family and we're going to be together forever..." 

Nothing a Mother could desire to hear more than that.

Happy Friday All.  Take a minute to notice your children, their effort, their progress....and then TELL them you notice.  We're not just growing kids....we're feeding their esteem, developing their self-worth and showing them they are ENOUGH just the way they are.  What a completely ridiculous honor it is to do just that.

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