Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So, I got this sweet little part time job...selling handbags, jewelry, beads, etc...beautiful products to beautiful people...I've learned and gathered some information while working at this boutique...Women love to be beautiful.

I watch as they hold a handbag in certain ways at the full-length mirror in the corner of the shop and I stop to wonder if we are all the same. The beauty of one woman saying to another, "That looks phenomenal on you!" or "Oh my, THAT is your color!" Those words...those powerful palabras speak life into the soul. Sometimes I am sad, though...when I see a woman who must depend on these items to fulfill the need she has in her quest to be with the trend...

I continue to pray for each of the genders to rise up to their full potential....where there is no more degradation of the female form...where men can be real men who appreciate ONE woman's appearance rather than adhering to the "Look but don't touch" motto....and where women can walk into a social setting without immediately comparing herself to the other women in the room: causing her to miss out on the most important thing in life: RELATIONSHIPS

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ilvgsus42 said...

Wow...amazingly well put! You have this way of stepping outside of yourself and looking at the world in an beautiful, intricate way. I,too, think each woman loves to be beautiful...and know that if each one of us find out who we are in Christ, we will have that inner confidence that will radiate to the outside, and in turn, make us each more beautiful. Thanks for sharing your heart!