Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Oh was I ever inspired when I walked into Anthropologie today...3 yr old in my right tote in my left. I browsed the sale racks salivating at the housewares...cute door knobs, monogrammed coffee mugs, and then I saw these precious hanging ornaments. 75% off!

I looked through them loving each one more than the next....imagining our tree with these gentle lacy ornaments bringing in the tidings for next year...

I stood there for a moment watching the artist paint doves on the front windows...wondering what it was about this store that Joel and I loved so much.

-So much of it is out of our price range
-A ton of it is fad-related and will be dated by 2010 or sooner.
-The customer service isn't what I would call superior.

Why do we love it?

I think it is because it encapsulates a love for the new and the old...vintage fabrics paired with modern jewels...canvas and twine wrapped around shiny bronze and glimmering candles...
I believe the store has done a remarkable job at creating an experience that celebrates femininity spanning from the 1920's to now. It does not put women in a place of servitude, rather it commemorates what we as women do well: create, cook, sew, decorate, and more...

So, here's to a store that I've found even more reason to love....

(Here are the ornaments I purchased-what do you think?)

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