Monday, January 26, 2009

Here's to you, baby....

So, as a young girl you wonder who your future husband will one day be. Some dream of a handsome man to take them ballroom dancing....ride in a horse & carriage....or be the type that goes outside and chops wood in a hot flannel...

I was known for dreaming of my "David"

yes...all throughout children's church, I was CAPTIVATED by stories of he killed Goliath effortlessly, his care and responsibility for the livestock he was entrusted, his incredible ability to write music and play the harp, and his leadership and intimacy with God. He was the only one in the bible who was known for being a "man after God's own heart.."

From that point on...this legend became my ultimate desire for my husband. That my husband would in many ways resemble this hero of the faith.

Little did I know in a tiny little town of east Texas, I would meet this artistic worship leader called Joel. Second born of 4 boys...skilled at guitar, piano, and with outstanding vocal talent.

It hasn't been until this last year that I've realized what an answer to my child-like prayer Joel has become:

He is a fighter and would do anything to ensure Jude and I are safe
He cares for his home with such integrity
He is the most gifted songwriter I've ever known
He is the most creative person I've ever encountered with ideas too great for his mind to hold
His leadership gift is one that is at its root, servant-like and giving, not demanding its own way
He knows what intimacy is and has taught me a great deal about knowing God personally

So, here's to a phenomenal human being...and one I'm excited to call my husband.

I love you!

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ilvgsus42 said...

Aww...I feel like I know Joel so much better now! As always, beautifully put, Jess!