Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm in awe of this 3 year old little person I live with...his incredible understanding and concern for others and his beautiful way of wanting all people he's near to be involved in what he's doing. Truly, he is a "people-person". My prayer for him is that he would grow up not only in the admonition of the Lord....but would truly gain the importance of sacrifice and selflessness in relationships. I pray that he would realize we were given these precious (and short) lives in order to give them away...

I recently saw the movie seven pounds with Will Smith. After seeing it twice, the movie has struck several chords in me...

1-Relationships aren't real if they don't cost us something (time, listening, etc.)
2-True love is about giving all you are to the one(s) you love.

Now, I know Hollywood didn't necessarily want to display that story line...but that is what I took from it. Life is not simply a series of minutes that turn to hours and hours that turn to days and we occupy them with cute little jobs and card-playing. God intended for us to be given HIS great gift of life...in order to give it EVERYONE else. We live our lives not for ourselves....oh if only more of us understood that!

My son's already got so much of this wonderful attribute and it is natural because he is young....has a sensitive and innocent spirit...Lord, guard it and protect it. May he stay as sweet, kind and loving as he is today. May he always love people as dearly as he does now.

Here's to you my precious son! Mommy loves you a heaping lot!

(Take a look at the darling bracelet he and Brittany for me!)

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