Monday, August 27, 2012


Joel and I have been craving downtime.

Not sure if it's the wedding season, intense time with adding a new baby, lack of sleep, etc.

I have been enjoying our early Saturday morning times...breakfast made and cleaned up, still sipping our coffee and getting cozy in a book or magazine.  Lately, I've noticed Leland's desire to play music with Joel on a regular basis.  Sometimes Joel will play piano while Lee plays his toy guitar....other times Leland will listen to Joel and quietly enjoy...and sometimes they play simultaneously.  It's becoming a part of our weekend I try not to miss.

We're literally watching our son's gifts and interests flourish before our's so completely evident the love this child will have for music and singing.

I could keep writing on and on but watch this - look how sweet his attention is toward his Dad.  *cherishing* *relishing* *savoring*

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