Monday, June 11, 2012

behind the name

We've gotten tons of questions regarding the meaning of Simon's name: Simon Churchill

Thought I'd write it out as it is really special to us.

If you aren't already familiar with our surprise with this pregnancy....we actually found out we were pregnant while on the trip of our dreams to Dublin, Ireland.  With each day so different and was amazing on the last night of the trip when we were about to pack up for home, we took a test and everything was different. 

We searched for an Irish boys name that would be suitable for both our family and ring well with the other boys' names and just couldn't come up with one. 

Simon was special as its meaning was 'To Hear and be Heard' and we thought it sounded lovely with Jude & Leland.

Churchill was a random pick by Joel.

One day I decide to look up the meaning.  It's obvious meaning was church on a hill.  But, if gone deeper into the English means 'Spring on a Hill or Green Hills' - which was symbolic of the hills we saw just hours before finding out about our Simon in Ireland.  Voila!

Update on everything here:

Couldn't be more in love.  (obviously)

Couldn't be more proud of my boys and their love for Simon.

Now, the time is coming to put organization into action.  Keeping a 2 yr old busy while trying to nurse a newborn for 35 minutes isn't always easy but we're getting creative and its amazing how easy it is to build legos on a boppy while me on that!  ;-)

Summer Vacation starts today for us!  We're off to enjoy the sun, read some books, get some exercise now that I'm not going potty every 10 minutes (YESSS!), and of course take dozens of pictures in the process.

Happy Monday!!!
completely content in a milk coma with an array of legos around him. Life as he knows it.

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