Thursday, June 28, 2012

1 month in....

this gorgeous boy joined us a month ago. 

I'd be lying if I said it's been an easy transition but gosh, we've had fun...enjoyed watching each child transition and adjust.  I'm head over heels for this baby and with every purse of his lips, it's like he's luring me closer and closer to him.  For the most part, the nights have been easy and I've really enjoyed nursing him and making that time our own. 

With Simon most certainly our last child, it puts a different spin on everything.  I keep looking at all these newborn clothes/diapers that he's already grown out of and how it's time....time to get rid of them.  I won't need them again.  It's bitter and sweet and beautiful and sad. 

I am choosing to stick to the positive and enjoy the moment.  With the first baby, I remember wishing the 'next' stage would come and with the 2nd, I did a little less of that.  With Simon, I'm enjoying it.  Best I can with two others being needy and intense at times. 

Trying to be the Mom that positively reinforces instead of the frustrated and tired Mom that just yells a lot.  I have apologized to my sons more than once since Simon's birth and have asked them for their forgiveness and grace as sometimes Mommy's tiredness is overwhelming.  I am amazed at their ability to forgive and say, 'We love you still Mommy, it's OK!" and then go about their merry way. 

I am looking forward to learning and growing with these three lads....

Thanks for reading and praying and loving us....all 5 of us! 

We <3 you back!

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