Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I remember the thought of a first kiss.  It used to freak me out.  I've heard it said that a woman judges the future of a relationship based on a first kiss.  I've had some bad 'first kisses' but I remember when Joel and I started becoming friends...and then a little more than friends.  I remember him trying to nab that first peck.  I kept on refusing...


I really really liked him.

I was kind of afraid that, if the kiss was bad, it would spoil it. 

It was date after date and I could feel that impending energy...."Ahh....he's going to try and kiss me again!" and somehow, some way, I'd figure a way out of it.  ;-)  Little did I know that my avoidance of the inevitable kiss only made him try harder. 

As the years have gone by, I've enjoyed the simple meaning of a kiss and how it expresses such care.  I love when I give my mom a hug and kiss on her cheek - a special bond only she and I share.  I love when I see my husband kiss my Grandma upon greeting her.  I've enjoyed each and every kiss with my little lover, Jude.  While he tries to act all 'too cool for school' - he is a tender child with more love to give than I even realize.  Most recently, I've been amused at my little 11 month old, Leland and his attempts to kiss.  Most of those involve a wide open mouth, a great glob of slobber and a big ole smile afterward. 

Don't take those little kisses for granted.  They are magical.

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