Monday, October 25, 2010


Kajal Girls (Photo by Dan O'Keefe) aka "Kajal boy"

So those of you who know me.  I mean, really know me. 
You know I'm a passionate girl. 
I go hard or I go home.

Recently, I've been working on a project
that has been so exciting.
It's been a project that will help our city.
Help our economy.
Unify CLE.

It's honestly a very small metaphor
to the very big endeavor in this world today.
Pride about where we come from.
Acceptance of diversity.
Appreciation of truth, even if it's not on trend.
Desire for relationship with people who look/speak/act different than us.

Cleveland went through a hard time this year.  This basketball-player-guy left.
He was allowed to leave.  I wish him luck.
It's just the way in which he left.
 Cleveland is used to heartache, they say.
I think, however, it's GOT to be one of the most underrated towns around.

What I have learned recently is that this city is not JUST beautiful because of its:
  • Coast
  • Cleveland Metroparks
  • Skyline
  • Historical Districts
  • Nationally renown cuisine
  • Theatre districts
  • Fantastic & Affordable boutiques
  • Bridges
  • Rivers
  • Ballparks
  • Historical hotels
  • Century old homes & churches
  • Architecture and Charm
  • Affordability
  • World Class Healthcare
It's richness is in the kindess of the man who pulls over to make sure
the little stuffed animal he found on the road got home to a teary 2-year old.

It's in the phenomenal chefs who choose Cleveland to start their business
and transport us to all parts of the world through their cuisine.

It's in the small & large business owners who choose to
take risks each and everyday so that Cleveland can have more jobs.

It's in the authentic people who desire to see others succeed in what they do.

I love choosing to look at what is great - believing the best - choosing what is right over what is assumed.
I mean, if I were a city, that's what I'd want too.

Christine, Jonathan Sawyer (Chef/Owner of the Greenhouse Tavern), and me! Photo by Mike Jones

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