Friday, September 10, 2010

this mom at the grocery store

I took Lee out just he and I.  We did a little shopping.  He loves the mirror in fitting rooms and is just a pleasant little person to take out and about. 

We stopped in at the grocery store to prep for people coming over tonight. 

I saw this Mom.  She was young, vivacious and her little girl was sweet as pie.  She was about 18 months.  Everytime she'd roll down the same aisle as Lee, she would point and say "BAAAAABY!!!"  Leland would simply smile and make a silly face at her.  It was sweet to watch them.

What was cooler was this Mom.  She zipped around the store, making her daughter laugh, barely buying a thing, and all that mattered was that her baby smiled.  I even saw the Mom riding on the back of the cart like a kid and heard her little one's belly laughs from 2 aisles away...

I love how kids bring out the kids in us.  I never want to grow up.  Ever.

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JoElla said...

i love that picture you painted! i have the pleasant little guy too. he's such a good kid...but love seeing other mommies enjoy their little ones just as much as i do.