Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I had this conversation with 2 different people yesterday:

How a perspective of life can alter the course of a day/week/month/year

It's really a phenomenon to me.  I mean, I have always been a very positive person. Otherwise, I have found it easy to look at that half-full glass.

The interesting thing about this concept is I am noticing that I am surrounding myself with those types of people as well.  The negativity and expectation of 'bad' in life is really draining.  While I realize we can view the world through rose-colored glasses, I dare to say that no matter how bad life gets...there is purpose and something to be gained out of it.  (Always easier said once you are past the tough parts)

I started thinking about my friendships.  I consider myself very blessed to have a few people in my close circle that hear my heart, share theirs, and offer beautiful and timely advice to me.  I also realize that in a lifetime, I will only get a few so each one is to be cherished, nurtured and appreciated.

Reminds me of the song my dad taught me when I was in first grade and started having 'friend issues'...

Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold...

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