Monday, December 28, 2009


I am procrastinating right now....and yes, blogging can be just that for me. I have a pile of 'stuff' to go through....bills to organize, insurance calls to make, a few 'thank yous' to send out, and it gets me thinking. The physical piles are enough ....they look at me - they taunt me - when I want to sit at a clean desk, it forces me to deal with them.

What about the junk on the inside? The bitterness, the judgement, the critical nature, the unforgiveness, the negative self-talk? It's not quite as easy to take those piles and throw them's also not as easy to see them. I watched a movie last night in which a group of women talk about how they are supposed to be each other's "mirrors" - to show them reality vs. perception. And just like we all do when we put on that holiday weight, we avoid every mirror in a 5 mile radius so we don't have to SEE it.

Friendships are designed to be this way....they are not ALL that way....but those few and special friends with the courage to be truthful....are meant to be mirrors. My husband is a wonderful mirror to me....shows me truth while still telling me of his love. It's a delicate balance but because I trust him....I can look right at myself and deal with those piles.

This year....take a look at your piles....not just the ones sitting on the counter or your desk but the ones inside. Tackle that unforgiveness....swallow that pride....put away the judgemental finger....and put on love.

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