Friday, December 18, 2009


So the transition has truly taken effect...2nd child here...firstborn is more than OK with Leland. In fact, Jude daily surprises me with his kindness....loving nature....and patience for this little person who has come to live with us.

We took the boys together to pick out our Christmas tree....surprisingly we found just the right one and I am SO in love with it this year. It's perfect in every way. Leland stares at the twinkling lights and I so enjoy watching these new smiles emerge from this tiny little face.

As we await the holiday season, Joel and I have drawn close...being so thankful to God for His blessing and timing...thankful to family for their love, service, prayers and concern....thankful to friends for their listening ears, loving hearts, and open hands. It's a year we will never forget and we look forward to a year full of memories.

I am hoping to make a list of resolutions that I actually stick to....this is something I've been thinking about for a while it is so far:

1-Lose 20lbs (getting to pre-Jude size)

2-Serve with Joel/Jude in an outreach of some kind....(homeless ministry, etc.) This is the age I learned about the compassion of God.

3-Read the bible in a year (haven't done that in ages)

4-Plan a date night with Joel once every 7 days....a family night once every 7 overnight getaway once every 7 weeks....and a family adventure every 7 months. (Ron & Katie Luce do something similar-where I got the idea from!)

What are your goals for 2010?

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