Monday, September 10, 2012

a Simon update!

Well, his swallow study confirmed that he swallows and appears to digest beautifully!  Everything went in and out of the right places.

It was traumatizing to watch them redraw blood but we got it - aside from his screams - we got it.  In one week, we should know more from today's blood draw and set up a follow up appointment with his Pediatric GI specialist.

Aside from that, we're continuing to feed him and try not to let him graze (He's metabolizing too quick that way) so getting him to take larger amounts at a time is the key.

We will keep you posted on anything further - cannot thank you ENOUGH for your prayers!

So sorry I cannot respond to every post/call/text - loaded up on kid life/housework & doing makeup every single weekend!  Please do not be offended if I do not call you back right away....a private message via FB is the BEST way to get a hold of me!

Thanks loves!

All our love,

J&J +3 crazy monkey boys


Anonymous said...

Jess & Joel, Colleen and I are very glad to hear that things are on the UP n UP with little Simon!! We pray for God's best and nothing less in each of your lives!

Have a great day!

Eric L.

Mzulewski said...

Yeah Simon! God has his hands over you and with all this prayer we just know you are healed! Keep growing lil man and Jess keep up the awesome work you are one fantastic mommy! Titi loves you Simon! And you too cousin!
Melissa and Jax