Monday, July 25, 2011


so, I'm 30 now.

I thought it'd hurt way worse.

I thought I'd be all depressed.

I thought I'd consume a whole container of ice cream.

I thought I'd want to lie in bed all day longing for my 20's....

I'm just not.

When I look at what I have (and I mean nothing tangible) I realize I have the most full & rich life a girl could have. I realize I'm walking into (truly) the healthiest time of my life....the most secure time...and am basking in the truth that I am loved. I am a daughter, a mother, a friend, a lover, a sister, a wife, an artist, a chef, a party-planner, an administrator, but most of all I realize today that I am truly loved....which is pretty much the most primitive & basic of all human emotional needs.

I was given a beautiful gift for my birthday - a weekend of downtime - kid-free. Now, on my ACTUAL birthday, we celebrated with my boys....but for 2 nights, we were kid-free and boy oh boy, it was delightful. I slept stayed clean...laundry didn't pile wipes stayed put....REST.

My husband had tricks up his sleeve all day for me - a refinished touch on my 10-speed bike I used to ride back in the 90's....a bike ride with my love across the Superior/Detroit bridge...down to E. 4th for some lunch at Flannerys...a glorious nap....and then a little mini surprise get-together with some near & dears at Luxe. Shout out to Luxe for having my FAVORITE ALL TIME veggie burger.

The apple doesn't far from the son, Jude, had sweet Jewelry for me as my gift...even a necklace with a heart charm & a key since he says 'I have the key to your heart, Mommy." Yes you do, Jude....yes you do.

A great birthday....still grinning.

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