Thursday, November 27, 2008

Count Your Blessings.....

1. Loving, Affectionate and Faithful husband
2. Precious son with darling personality and another I will meet one day
3. Parents who give godly advice
4. Friends and family who care enough to ask tough questions
5. A beautiful home with character and charm
6. 2 paid off cars....that are identical!
7. Amazing and flexible babysitters
8. Luxury of staying home with my son
9. My husband's amazing worship-leading skillz
10. provision...job security

I could go on and on....and God tells us to....

He tells us not to worry about anything but with prayer and supplication, WITH THANKSGIVING, make our requests known to Him. He tells us this because He cares and loves us THAT much to know each of our requests! Wow...

Make your own list...everyday not just on Thanksgiving!

Much love and happy digesting! :)


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