Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And his name is....

Leland Ryan Miller

Leland is pronounced "Lee-Lend" and means, One who dwells near fertile soil that will one day become a vineyard or an orchard.

Ryan is his middle name after his Uncle Ryan...Joel's oldest brother and the man who has helped to spiritually lead not only his own family but all of us through some tough times. We love you, Ry, and hope this little guy learns how special it is to be named after quite the man!

Jude is entirely excited by the idea of this little person...he consistently watches my belly to see the growth, talks to Leland, assures his little brother that he'll be out soon and "not to worry" - it's beyond adorable.

We have enjoyed this season of pregnancy-not only because it was a long wait-but also to watch it through the eyes of our 4-yr old. We'll NEVER forget this time with Jude...it's been in the words of Jude "Super Smuper Duper Special"

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Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

i will NEVER forget how hannah was when i was pregnant. something i will cherish forever. but just wait til he gets here. wait til you get pictures of the boys together. it will melt your heart and steal your breath.