Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well....T-Bone...it's been real

Jude was saddened to hear that T-Bone was not just "resting" in his bowl last Friday, May 29th...yes, folks...T-Bone is no longer with us....but instead in the loving arms of his fishy saviour....

Jude attempted to resurrect him a few times in prayer..."God make T-Bone ALIVED again!" But to no avail..

We are getting all sorts of ideas and recommendations on a new fish for him....for now, we shall mourn.

For those who knew T-Bone, you knew he was a fish that swam with gusto, ate his food in moments, and truly enjoyed being talked to by his favorite 4-yr old. Oh T-Bone....you are so so so missed...even by Joel!

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