Monday, May 18, 2009

A faith walk...

If you aren't familiar with our story....we tried for a while to get pregnant with this child I am carrying...came with trials...a painful 2nd trimester loss...lots of fertility work-ups, a minor surgery....and news of endometriosis...

2 years later, we are pregnant...and are walking into the 15th week...ironically the week I lost our 2nd, Sam. I am pensive this week as my eldest turns 4...and I would have had a one-year old by now too. While I am sad as I miss that little one all the time, I am excited for the answered prayer we had been waiting for. Just today, I came across a poem I wrote during the "eye of the storm" we endured. May it minister to you as you read...and if someone you know needs to read it...share it please...

An ache that just won't go away
I shut my heart off
but I hear Him say
Wait, precious one, wait

I focus on this & that
all the while my heart goes back
So many things to occupy
This one ache I can't get by

I choose to trust-so hard to say
I know a mustard seed can go a long way
take this girl whose wavering
Give her peace while laboring

I long to hold you, precious one
To nurse you, rock you,
dress you, cradle you,
show you the mooon, show you the sun

One day I'll tell you the story of you
How God proved Himself real
and spoke out of me truth

I'll speak of His love
through His word and our Friends
I'll instill in you how in His will
hope has no end

Until I meet you,
Daddy's holding me tight
Because the ache is too painful
I can't sleep at night

Transfer this pain, God
turn it into faith as we wait
Create something beautiful
Someone whose testimony is Great

I'll give this one to you, dear Lord
like Hannah gave Sam
They will be yours
because you are the great I AM

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